September 20, 2020

Five great portfolio HTML templates on Envato Elements in 2020

Looking for an awesome portfolio website? Check these beautiful HTML templates we found on Envato Elements.


Sambat - Creative Digital Portfolio HTML Template

Feeling dark? Light? Why not get Sambat and explore both?

This is a really cool and unique portfolio template that offers both dark and light versions (probably a good use-case for using prefers-color-scheme media query).

While this template is not for everyone, we really love how different this template is and could see it being a portfolio website that stands out amongst the crowd.

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APOLO - Portfolio HTML Template

The listing for Apolo says it’s designed specifically for photographers, designers, film makers, freelancers and artists. It’s a super modern and slick portfolio website that really lets your content shine. Just check out this about page.

One downside to this template is it’s built using Bootstrap 3, which is an outdated version of the popular framework. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful template that would make a great portfolio website.

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Brom - HTML Creative Page

Brom is essentially a one-page website template with all of its content either presented on first load or within pop-up boxes. Give the live preview a look to check it out. We really like big and bold photos on a portfolio website. This also means, however, that your imagery must be really strong—even if you’re going for something abstract instead of a photo.

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Marmozet - Portfolio Showcase HTML5 Template

Marmozet is a beast. It’s got great design, impeccable typography and its animations really make this template feel special. If you have a portfolio of photos or images that include bold colors, this very dark template would be perfect.

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Myfolio- Onepage Personal Portfolio HTML5 Template

Myfolio is another one-page portfolio site that has everything you need in a very simple layout. The design won’t necessarily ‘wow’ you but if you’re looking to get up and running with your portfolio site this template should give you little trouble.

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